Top 5 Places to go to in Fuerteventura

If you haven’t heard of the gem that is Fuerteventura, you’re in for a treat, even more so if you choose to visit it that is.

It is the oldest, as well as one of the biggest Canary Islands that are in the Atlantic, a stone-throw away from the African continent. The island offers both natural, along with Spanish cultural influences and attractions and has some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches you’ll ever lay your eyes on. The island is also surrounded by the clearest of clear turquoise waters and is considered one of the best spots to enjoy the best nights of your life. That is because its nightlife is full of entertainment and above all, some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet.

The island is also known for boasting with sports and mostly promotes it is love for the islands popular sport, surfing.

Since we’ve already quite some impressive features of this amazing island, what more is there to do?

Here are the five top places to visit in Fuerteventura that will keep you entertained and wanting more.

  1. Corralejo Natural Reserve

As a must-see on the island of Fuerteventura, the Corralejo Natural Reserve will brighten up your day with some of the biggest dunes on the Canary Islands, which stretches an amazing 10kms.

The dunes originated by the disintegration of mollusks’ shells, along with other sea organisms, which is one of the most interesting aspects of the island altogether. Being one of the most popular beaches in the Canary Islands, you’ll fall in love with this beach.

  1. The Salt Museum

Located in the south of Caleta de Fuste, you will find the Museo de la Sal and the Salinas del Carmen, which allows you to witness the incredible process of exactly how salt is made from the ocean’s waves.

With two complete tours inside the museum, as well as one outside in the sea salt mines, you’ll be amazed by the process of how salt gets made. You’ll also be able to explore the history thereof in the museums.

  1. Isla de Lobos


For the ever-so-often visit from the tourist, Isla de Lobos is the perfect place to be. It is located 2 km from the island and isn’t very populated. It also allows you to become in tune with nature and the wonders an island can offer.

You can easily access the island with a ferry that departs daily from Corralejo.

What will you find on the island? A lighthouse, a little history and seals.

  1. Majorero Cheese

Known as the islands famous delicacy, Majorero is a local cheese, that is made with goats’ milk. Every year, Fuerteventura hosts the Majorero Cheese Museum within the Antigua Windmill Craft Centre, which is considered one of the major tourist attractions on the island.

  1. The Sculpture Park

This beautiful open-air sculpture park can be found in the city’s capital, Puerto del Rosario. It consists of up to 100 different sculptures, which have been created by local artists during the International Symposium of sculptures.


The park is celebrated annually, which means there are many new sculptures to be discovered each year, which are all set up along the park’s pathway for visitors to be able to explore.


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